The Man Who Waited

Man Who Waited
Man Who Waited

He heard what he had to do. The suggestions came from all over, offering direction and insight. You see, he was after something important in his life, even though he couldn’t quite put his finger on exactly what. He had a general idea, it was just the specifics of it that killed him.

There have been times when opportunities to take a course of action radically different from the past have presented themselves. Remarkably, there have been a good number of times I’ve taken that radical path. Equally, there have been a remarkable number of times when I have not taken that radical course of action. I’m sure that somehow the pro’s and con’s sort themselves out.

All the same, in the current pain of the game, there are those definite moments of looking at hindsight and realizing just how much more could have been gained with a specific choice or two. Ah, but we can’t turn back the clock can we? No, we can’t.

So, in all this wisdom, why is it that when new games of adventure, learning, and growth do come up, we tend to keep putting off the little things until we get everything right? I’ve been doing that forever now in some areas of my life. What I’m learning is that it just doesn’t work that way. Observant to the lives of those around me, and whom I serve, I see the same too.

Months go by, and in spite of repeated hand-holding attempts, one client did not take action. Months later, on a wing and a prayer he is doing everything he can to finally learn steps that could have made an enormous difference  to where he finds himself now. It’s what I’m learning too. Why wait? Take action now.





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