The Generous will Feel Abundance

I don’t know what it is that makes it work, but giving begets receiving. There are times when it feels the deck is stacked against your forward progress, that others are getting a better deal, and that you’re somehow always falling behind. I’m in one of those situations now. Outward appearances aren’t always what they seem.

With different personalities, a history of a company culture, and policies and procedures that have become set in stone, change is something that can only come about slowly. There may be elements that are obvious and unfair, however, we always seem to have to go through a “testing” period before we break on through to the other side.

In my own scenario, my efforts are not going unnoticed. Better yet, the ability to rise above the pettiness has a positive affect upon others around me. I still struggle with my own feelings about the inequities, so I am grateful to see these “positives” showing up and letting me know that I’m on the right path. Allowing for what is, working for what might, and doing all you can, is bringing about positive results, and in other ways my rewards are being experienced.






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