It is a privilege to serve you

I was just reviewing the search terms from my WordPress stats service. It touches my heart seeing the search terms, as I wonder at the quality of people and the hope for humanity and our future. Check it out:

Search Views
dance for life 1


Search Views
changes in man 2
“Life AFter Death?” science truth 1
I get knocked out and i get up again 1
poem of life 1
man poem 1
structure of tears in heaven 1
lee down 1
quotes one man can make a difference 1


Search Views
truth faith love 1
trust love and faith 1
Eastside culture crawl. Vancouver 1
“meaning of Life” God Christians 1
The Meaning of Life: Creation is Love 1
One man can 1
how one can make a different in the worl 1


Search Views
the difference one can make stories 2
song when you get down you get up again 2
poems to change a misguided life 1
mind body emotion gates 1
Is God a God of convenience? 1
false pride meaning 1
heroism can be destructive 1
surrender & faith 1


Search Views
faith and love 1
if you change your mind, you change your 1
man 1


Search Views
one man can 2
Your love came upon me like a sleep 1
make a difference 1
the chemistry of love 2008 1
one man can make a difference 1
false pride 1


Search Views
quote for one journey’s home 2
human capital development 1
man can 1
there is no way that can make man great 1
+having an eeyore spirit 1
i get knocked down you get up again 1
i get knocked down but i get up again yo 1
love courage story 1

In the world of metrics and search engine traffic, these may not be big numbers, but they’re certainly big enquiries. I hope you found what you were looking for.


3 responses to “It is a privilege to serve you”

  1. isabella mori Avatar
    isabella mori

    beautiful! there is something very poetic about these searches …

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  3. Galba Bright of Tune up your EQ Avatar

    Hello Lee:

    This is very insightful. As you say, a deeply felt take on what matters to you and an indication of the questions that people want answered.

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