Freedom Promotes Growth | Boundaries Accelerate Focus

Many things have been coming at me from all sides recently. Getting my feet under me in a new position that is ever-changing, growing, evolving, and equally confusing at times. With one positive change another follows and an upturn in my social life takes off. And yet, at the same time, other stresses are interfering. My observations are saying many things.

If you ever caught a wild creature to keep in a cage, you will have noticed the lack of life and increase of fear in the animal. An embattled human struggling for survival through illness, divorce, death, financial difficulties, etc., are often prey to that animal response.

Leaders would do well to increase freedom and to be clearer about boundaries. Freedom creates growth, creativity, and individuality to shine. Boundaries represent clear communications around expected deliverables, budgets, any specific directions. In other words, the key ingredients that will ensure the employee’s success.

Credit companies would succeed far more if they invested in collaborative solutions to assist troubled debtors before it becomes a serious issue that burdens the courts, political system, accountants, collectors, and debtors. Why care about the debtor? Successful solutions enable and empower a debtor to dig out of a hole that health, career, or relationship could have helped dig.

Anyone collaborating in business would do well to notice that both sides are investing something of equal value. Themselves, and their time. From that standpoint, a commitment to each exists that ought be respected for the duration. This respect will ensure all fairness from both parties.

We all would do well to do better. And I sit here wondering how I’m doing.





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