Opportunity or Disaster? The Bane of Change

A fog rolled in, quietly slithering in low to the ground, imperceptible at first until it was too late to escape the chill soup.

It’s not You, it’s the It!

What the…? Do you even know what you’re talking about?

It! It’s the It, man! You’ve got it, and typically, we’ve all got it in some way, shape, or form. The beautiful thing about it though, is that It isn’t You. It just is what it is.

You, on the other hand, are the pure seed of creation seeking out its fullest potential through growth. Trouble is, you spend so much time in an imperfect world taking the hits that life throws at you, that you don’t even realize that you’re experiencing wounds and stunted areas you perceive as your imperfections. People own it as a life sentence instead of seeing their opportunities!


Tell a story, or just write? Stalled by what I thought might be a clever devil, rather than an authentic self, I questioned. This is a big deal, a big moment, a potential turning-point. Dare I be so bold as to flow with it?

When a bunch of heavy puzzle pieces fall into place, a wave of emotion rushes to every pore as tears of release threaten to flood. The realization of a source that is a cause to so much of life’s difficulties, as I experience it, is profound. Reeling, my brain suddenly feels emptied, and yet, a fog is preventing focus and memory to serve normally through my day. This is some big stuff I uncovered.

It’s interesting: To sit in this experience at this moment, it is simultaneously a pleasing and unpleasant experience. It is full of rich emotions, with below-the-surface remnants of sadness, anger, frustration, and confusion swimming around freely, while a stronger emotion of wonder accompanied by curiosity, has more conscious power, even though it sometimes sees fear. Ready for a big change?

Awareness, now sees the truth as it happens, recognizes the reactions, and the choice to change the old-patterns of reaction to a healthy response living authentically. The exercise of mind, to choose differently, to commit to the process, and to engage actively with that process, will prevail over old-patterns. It’s an interesting fight.

I can see the resistance too. There is a devil in the experience of change that wishes to stay within the security of even the most foul life experiences. It is more afraid of the unknown, than it is of the painful reality it has managed to find some solace within. Even though you and I can sit here and recognize this, we also feel that other sense screaming, “No, this is not the experience of life I signed up for! There is more! Much more!” Pay attention.

Knowing it is one thing. Acting upon it is quite another. Need it be so difficult? We’ll discover more on this as the story and research unfolds.






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  1. Ann Veillette Avatar
    Ann Veillette

    You make me smile… I’ll be delighted to read the rest of the journey as it unfolds…

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