Office Talk and Growing a Company

by LuMax Art

I am struck by the realities that exist in a place of work. I’ve worked solo for so many years now, that I’ve forgotten what it can be like within the social web and office structures that exist. Joining the “team” my goal was to experience success and growth and to be part of the same philosophy within the company culture. It’s disappointing to see that this ideal is not held by others, and that teamwork is a mere abstract idea instead of a sound business decision. So what is one left to do at this point?

It’s not such a difficult decision to make and the goal can remain unchanged. However, the timeline and process to realize the dream takes on new proportions and the perseverance to keep to the high ground must be maintained. It’s not about what the company will do. It’s about what I will do.

What more can be said?





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