The Mind is Such a Tool !!

One the old site, I wrote a piece called a Spiritual Guide. It was written in response to a name-blame-game that objectified these little monsters in your life that sabotaged you. These monsters were called Gremlins based upon Taming Your Gremlins book popularly used by Life Coaches and Career Coaches. Still relevant in a metaphorical sense this book and insight can prove useful. Listening, however, I found that the focus was on controlling and denying these ‘little monsters‘ and it felt like an incomplete and misdirected effort.

As I observed and listened in this group, an intense level of activity began to stimulate my head and mind. The intensity was distracting so I grabbed my pen and pad and simply jotted down the notes as [[impressions]] were received. The effort from all this activity was caught in the Spiritual Guide and enhanced via separate pages (on the old site) for The Spirit, The Mind, The Body, The Emotions. As I revisit this to update this new site and blog, it may discover more completeness as well.

The Mind

Mind, the little engine that could, is a tool by which we learn, interpret, analyze, and retain data among other things. It also connects us to [[spirit]] (be curious about it) as we exercise that muscle. If we don’t, the soul memory (experience) takes place, combining the mind’s memories and the body’s memories (emotions) to dictate our life experience. I’ve found this to be mostly uncomfortable with the stickier issues of life.

You and I have spent a lifetime acquiring knowledge and experience that is feeding our perception and [[belief system]]. Without proper awareness the overwhelming volume of structures begin to box us into a corner. It feels like “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” Mind’s ability to make a mountain out of a molehill is astounding. It used to be okay – that nagging voice – and then one day it just started becoming unmanageable. Now limbs are frozen inactive waiting for their time to come. Doomed without even starting.

Now, of course this is overly dramatic for an example but in the flash experience of that moment, the intensity can be so strong. These little chips in the identity of the mind and the glass house begin to fall apart. What is being sought now is freedom.

The road to freedom begins with the first step on a journey to your own sense experience of spiritual discovery. Challenging identity, beliefs, values, and desires leave you wanting to navigate a new way of living in the world. Mind will continue to be an invaluable tool and with a higher-level of awareness, control and mastery of the mind will offer greater opportunities for healthy and well-being. The foundation for success begins there.


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