Love is Wide Open

Have you ever realized how wide open love requires you to be for its fullest experience? I only just found out myself. It’s a tremendous challenge.

My heart is aching, and has been all day. In truth it has been aching longer than that. Events are pushing it to the max. I don’t know if I can take it.

To be in a state of love… despite what is happening. Can you do it?

At this moment, I don’t know what to do.

It isn’t that I don’t know what to do with what I’ve learned. I’m beginning to understand, to love freely. It holds no hostages, no bonds, no burdens. It simply gives.

I get this, I do. Rationally, I get stuck on outcomes for dreams of a more stable and simple life. Is there such a thing? Irregardless, I’m faced with a choice: Surrender, or Run.

Run, I keep plodding through it. Surrender, I could fly. Have I the courage? All I need to do is let them all go; just love.

What else of my life, my past needs to be let go?






  1. Debi Avatar

    Just my personal view……

    Love is the only thing that expands without taking away from anything. The only limitless thing that defies both life and death. Love is as love does. It is an emotion and a verb. It has to be felt and actively carried out. It costs more than you are wiling to pay and rewards you more than anything you could ever imagine. Let go or not, you gain more than you loose and loose more than you will ever know. Whatever you decide Love is, so you might as well both submit. live and try or better still just be. If you let it go you’ve lost it anyway without experiencing it’s deepest wonders. Which is worse? The tallest mountain and deepest pass need each other. Only the lonely walk the flat road and dream of the drama of the full depth and contrast of life. Don’t take love – give it That is what love is – to me..


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