Love and Hugs Make You Right!

Working and living the coaching profession, and being driven with the thoughts and questions that have fed these writings over the years, it was natural to begin finding emails arriving in my in-box along similar themes. Not always reading them, I’m glad when I do and find a treasure everyone can use and remember.

Quick to judge from surface appearances, we may not realize just how much is going on in another person’s life. Even with all the positives underway, the debris of years of tragedy, and/or pain, and/or health issues, etc., the trials and tribulations can leave the mark on someone, particularly when their life is so much alone.

  • Check it out and see who is in your life, in your circle of friends, or struggling at the office, who could use an encouraging word.
  • Check it out and realize where you are getting this support in your life and be grateful.

  • but I love to hug
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    Or, check out where you’re receiving the opposite from relationships. Time to make changes and weed out those who tear you down, or ensure you have sufficient compensation coming from the positive sides.

  • Careful not to cut off your nose in spite of your face though. I’ve also found that friction from others is also a great ‘mover’ and ‘shaker’ when you are stuck. How can you grow by the friction or challenges you face in life, and with others?

Ironically, we “get it” when we have this sort of conversation about how to raise and develop healthy children. What surprises people still today, is that the same is still true, and necessarily needed for adults struggling through hard times on their own. Let someone into your world and heart today. The only reason we’re afraid, is we think we have to be responsible for them. No – you’re responsible to yourself and your conduct, and tomorrow is always another day outside of everyone’s current control. Stop worrying and love now, and watch what will grow.

Here’s the email:

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Sometimes we forget to believe in ourselves and we need our friends and lovers to remind us of what makes us special. We can grow out of our darkest holes by being showered with love and kind words.

You are not going to believe this, but someone passed by me — just this second – with a t-shirt reading, “Hugs Not Drugs.” I swear! Talk about messages from the Light. That’s exactly the point. Why do we do drugs and other destructive behaviors? We don’t love ourselves. And that’s the gift our parents, children, friends, and teachers can give us. They can remind us we are loved. As John Lennon sang: love is all we need.

Today, burn through layers of a loved one’s doubt and shame with four simple words: I believe in you.





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