Limiting Perspective, Limiting Beliefs: Might as well Sell Your Soul

Can’t it predict my future?


Nothing in this world can predict your future better than you can.

When told recently it is an unethical world, I felt a number of warning signals flash in my body. Exploring the information received from the experience, and subsequent reflection, I realize the limitations introduced through such beliefs. This brought on the question “Why?” when considering the originating source.

When someone insists upon a world with a negative view, they are creating a perspective viewpoint that can be proved true through observing supportive evidence. If you look for it, you will find it. What you focus your attention upon is where your eyes will more often travel. What you consider consciously more frequently, will become your unconscious pattern. Your unconscious experience will find itself living in the reality created.

Awareness and conscious thought notices thoughts and patterns. It can harness the negative and replace it with a positive view. As it grows and increases in strength and habit, it too will become your unconscious pattern. Your unconscious experience will find itself living this positive reality created with thought, care, and attention.

No matter what side is true, the masses will eventually prevail with this exercise of conscious thought: Choosing a better experience through managing their awareness and thought. All of us focused on more positive goals, outcomes, experiences, and habits, will influence the flow of influence upon the fabric of our society — politics, culture, and the marketplace.

Think, and think well.





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