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A lot can change in a man’s life, and a lot in life can change a man. This is my story.

In the past, my site was my business. I am a Professionally Trained Life Coach from the highly acclaimed Coaches Training Institute. That training was pivotal in providing tools to engage and struggle through a transformation’s final stages.

Now, moving to a new chapter, my coaching remains part of my toolbox while my career takes a different direction. As always, writing will continue to share insights and observations, as the coaching tools continue revealing ideas worth sharing.

A lot can change in a man’s life.

Upbringing, family, marriage, work, friends, success, money, and so many other going-concerns drive us from the nest and into the adult world. What is so different from any other time of game-playing? Or, what causes all those painful hiccoughs along the road?

A lot in Life can change a man.

Change, it is the essence of life. Transformation is the path of all living things. Nothing is static. The old is shed and way is made for the new. This very simple wisdom is a law of nature, and in all our human efforts of applying intelligence to control our environment, natural law still applies to living our lives.

Keep growing, keep changing, face the pain of letting go – stripping away old stuff that no longer serves you – and keep stepping boldly toward a new future. It was scary sometimes, and I don’t know why that should even enter the equation, or the experience. There seems to be a game going on inside, struggling between going up versus going down, moving forward or falling back.

Sharing Life’s Journey

Within the bowels of this website, I’m confident you will find stories and observations I’ve written that offer insight, perspective, and strength for the journey you are on. As my life and journey’s evolve, my writing will continue to reflect upon my observations, current interests, and possibly a number of ideas; we’ll see.

In the meantime, enjoy what is already here.


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