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Whenever things aren’t going well in life, it can be observed long after we’ve survived the struggle that all we had to do was make a change we didn’t want to, or were struggling with, or didn’t want to change. As the year of transitions to end a decade of transitions continues, I have at times been perplexed at the trouble climbing the hill. Try as I might, I kept stumbling and falling down.

Recently, the work, work, work, push, push, push, method I’d been adhering to crushed me with tension, headache, backache, etc. Yes, we’re pushing a new project up a steep hill and there are times when we can put in the extra effort. This wasn’t just putting in the extra effort. It was the underlying fear driving that effort. It isn’t a sustainable energy – it is a destructive energy. Turning it around, takes the indirect approach.

Balance is key and self-care is key. That fear suggested at a lack of trust – at its basic root – toward myself and my abilities to meet the challenges of each day and my future. Ultimately, that is at the core, even where other circumstances may also be present. It has taken a few conversations with some good people to gain perspective, to see what I was missing, and to relax into the positive nature that the proactive steps embarked upon months ago materialized today. Taking a breath, it is easier to see the other areas of life still in deep neglect.

Time distribution values all areas of One’s Own Life:

  • Physical Well-Being
    • eating regularly and healthily
    • getting enough sleep
    • following as regular a routine as possible
    • getting some exercise
  • Mental Well-Being
    • time alone to process, reflect, and let go
    • time to be creative and to recreate
    • stimulation from diverse sources of interest and exposure
    • develop the ability to quiet the noise
    • clear the clutter – physical spaces affect mental spaces (subjective levels of experience)
    • like-minded people for increased clarity
    • diverse people for challenge and growth
  • Emotional Well-Being
    • find ways to give to the people around you
    • participate in community life
    • share your love (for things, subjects, places, pursuits, people, etc.)
    • find your physical expression partner – get over your belief blocks
    • be honest to yourself
    • stay in your integrity (true to your values, your heart, your gut, your instinct – not by another’s value of integrity)

As with most things, I’m certain you have more to add to the list. These are some of the things I’ve recognized the most over the years.

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