Leave a Legacy | An Exercise in Retrospect

by echiner1
by echiner1

February 2005 I sat down at my computer and wrote my own Eulogy. It was an exercise from the Career Counselling days, to draw upon the imagination and inner spirit to describe the life well-lived we want to be remembered. I stumbled upon it today and went, “Wow!”

One Man Can make a difference was a deep belief that propelled Lee through the arduous journey to creating a powerful future for himself and those whose lives he touched. Initially, there was a great deal of struggle as he broke down the structures and limiting beliefs that had defined his life experiences. As he worked through these issues, an awakening to his truest self took root and put him directly into the path of adversity and growth. The lessons he experienced, combined with the wisdom of masters, made him available to the larger community to serve as a guide, a teacher, and a loving mentor on their individual journeys.

His belief that we are all incredible spirits, here to manifest some form of greatness in our lives, was the most inspiring quality that he brought forth in his daily walk through life. His understanding of human nature, our propensity for fear, enabled him to offer compassion and forgiveness, both to himself and for others, further empowering everyone to embrace the journey, the setbacks and failures, and further enabling the forward motion the desire for a well-lived life created. No well-lived life is without mistakes, setbacks, and pain. It is through these experiences that he discovered the richness that lives within us all and has the power and potential to create community, abundance, and great joy.

by h.koppdelaney
by h.koppdelaney

His legacy has helped to define a shift in human-consciousness that has created space in western thought to realize our spirituality in a cosmic web of cause and effect. This understanding further instructs us to the power of choice in our lives and the power of intent in mind, body, and spirit that creates our future. What we believe we are, we choose to be. What we wish to see changed in life, we BE that change.

Lee will be missed and he will be remembered as he lives on in each of our lives, while we too create the legacy in our lives that he began for his own life; a life representative of the human spirit and human experience.





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