Illness of the Body

Nobody likes to be sick. Runny noses, aching muscles, bones, and organs, sneezing, coughing, headaches, shivers, chills, fevers, and other unmentionable symptoms wrack the body, and suck the energy right out of the body.

This is exactly where I have found myself the last few days with an overwhelming force. Prior to that I struggled for a week and a half to fight off what I thought might be a cold, recognized by the sore throat, chest cough, and runny nose. Well, this weekend everything took hold and a flu onslaught took me down for the count.

That’s why I didn’t write over the weekend, like I normally do. Even now, I had something to share but my thought processes keep being drawn back to the physical body. To health, to recovery, to taking care of the physical well-being. Could be the reason, because the state of consciousness is somewhat different during this time.

Check it out next time your hurt or sick – see if you notice this difference.

More or less, what I also wanted to share is that periods of stress that affect the physical body often lead to short bursts of illness. So, watching the signals from the body sooner can allow corrective action sooner. Myself, I like to think I’m invulnerable sometimes and let things get the better of me. Just took a temperature of 102…. oops.

Back to bed.





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