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Sunday now, mid-morning lazy start in front of the computer; checking the email, catching up and tidying Facebook, and pondering a website plan and wondering how to start. In the background of my mind, my thoughts and emotions roil around the thoughts of an unfulfilled love life, wondering what she is doing with her Sunday all those miles away. Who is who, what is what, and where is it all going? I wonder about this more often than I’d care to admit.

We all get caught up in the hopes and dreams inspired in the moment. Sometimes, following that inspiration takes us to beautiful and wonderful places. Other times, it leads to a void that announces loudly that there is only the moment, and that it is empty when chasing the future. Are you living in the moment? Are you remembering to keep doing what you’ve been doing that works? I think we all need these encouraging reminders.

Still, the question remains, ‘how do I get what I want?’

What about you? How do you go about getting what you want?





  1. leedman Avatar

    So far, the only thing I’ve found that works is to keep plodding along even while these emotions and want haunt. Getting what you want doesn’t always come when I want it, and certainly not without effort. Paying your dues is what we do every day of our life, working for tomorrow while living in the now. Is it not?

  2. Sunshine Avatar

    no i am not always living in the moment, most people are not, the past and future are in peoples thoughts as they are mine, worries and fears. as for websites, I had someone build mine they did on wordpress with wrong theme from cutline, and can’t change to earlier version from cutline so he says. I am unable to do it, and fed up looking for themes I looked at yours last week, it has the pages across the top which is what I need, can you get the add off, female that comes with the verison I saw on the demo site too i think, lower case easier right now, or all caps. i putting on closed site on blogger for now as able, slow as it goes, and wow, into the past for sure doing it. I been thinking wp will be too difficult for me, and myself and webmaster concerned ‘they’ may try to shut me down and to move to dedicated server, much more money, and I unable to do, and the backups too much for me, just sitting up, able to focus, type inbetween convulsions, seizures and a host of other health problems is minimal and happazard.

    I have quite a bit of Abraham-Hicks works, audio books easier for me and daily quotes emailed as well as on facebook. I get off track tying to make a new reality for me and get the help I need without going into the past of what was done and to the present which is tramatic but getting less so, they are inter-twined (sp?). So how do I tell a ‘new story’ to myself and others without the past and present as they are, because that is about’ getting what you want’ to me, in this/my case, and in the process of wanting to get what I want I am pulled into the past. Also 2 things I want regarding same subject can cancel each other out, how is that for thoughts. One to reveal the past and what really happened, and Two, to create new future with help I need. If the past and present is not addressed, what has and continues to happen is history repeats itself and I get more damaged. I will email you my website and maybe blog currently set to private

  3. leedman Avatar

    I’ve been very much challenged too. I don’t suppose anyone is really immune from the trap; I fell in.

    You know, there are amazing things that come from a lot of whittling. It can take a long time, or it could be rather quick. I guess it depends upon how hard the material is that is being carved. Could you imagine if that block of material could feel?

    And what about what it was before? It may have been something rather ordinary that fit in with the masses. It may have been comfortable. Certainly under the hand of the knife it would not only hurt if it could feel, but imagine how ugly it must appear to itself with all those gashes and gouges. Wondering about what is the future to reveal, wishing for the calmer memories of a past, and regret for wanting more. Who knows what thoughts would taunt?

    In the end however, something quite miraculous can happen. Believe me when I say how hard this is to say: Your choice, my choice, just to BE happy in the moment will give us the best chance in everything. And, yeah, those thoughts are taunting, I do know. Even so, I acknowledge that I am the one who can turn it off. I am the one who can spin it to a positive view. I am the one who can be grateful for what I am right now.

    Phew! Hard to swallow sometimes. I’m feeling it.

    Sunshine, you really gave a meaty response and I am grateful. Believe in you and forget the rest a while. I think it might just be the pill you and I are looking for right now. 🙂

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