Dear beautiful woman, I’ve been thinking about you a lot.

Love you
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Not a day goes by without remembering you. What it feels like to be next to you, to hold you, to see you smile, to hear you laugh, and even more, to look into your eyes. Feelings that are so beautiful to experience, to hold in the moment, that to let go needs my total surrender. I struggle every day, and I smile.

Lately, my thoughts have returned to relationship dynamics, or more accurately, spontaneous insights have popped up. One day, ownership and the resistance of many to be called another person’s property. I understood, and also understood more.

A committed personal relationship to you feels natural to me, though I struggled. With the following insight, I surrendered into the beauty of the gift. Ownership is voluntary: Ownership is not the right of the other, it is the gift of the giver, and the receiver to respect and cherish. Only with my permission do I give my body totally to one person. Only with my permission do I dedicate my life partnership. Only with your permission will you receive it. This insight brought a sense of peace toward relationship, and a sense of safety and security to give myself to you. That insight resulted in a wonderful feeling to experience.






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