Category: Leadership

  • A Soldier’s Opinion

    Ron Paul vs Mike Huckabee I think everyone would benefit from watching this clip. This is a Soldier’s Opinion.

  • How Could It Be?

    Yesterday I shared a significant insight from my own journey. It’s interesting to note that often a powerfully resistant question crops up almost immediately. “What do you mean?” It is a powerful disbelief because this realization places even more responsibility on my doorstep than I had otherwise felt real. This is where the sh1t has…

  • Accountability’s Trick

    Accountability is taking ownership, or personal responsibility, for circumstances brought about through their conduct, or choices. There are so many occurrences in our lives where we are called to make decisions, that thousands and millions of decisions were made without even thinking consciously about them. Sort of like flicking away an annoying insect while engrossed…