Accountability’s Trick

Accountability is taking ownership, or personal responsibility, for circumstances brought about through their conduct, or choices. There are so many occurrences in our lives where we are called to make decisions, that thousands and millions of decisions were made without even thinking consciously about them. Sort of like flicking away an annoying insect while engrossed in a conversation.

Today, as conversations delved into the topic area of [[accountability]], the issue of fate and the mystery of life circumstances were introduced. It was then perceived by some that there is less personal accountability for life’s circumstances, past and present. I’ve often recognized the impact events have upon our lives, and I’ve certainly left a lot of room for the human experience to breathe and be stuck at times. However, I’m also now recognizing that the quickest, easiest, and healthiest way is to self-assess the accountability factor and learn to let go.

So life isn’t so good today. So I made a whole series of minor decisions that had negative consequences. So adding them up leads to a real pit. So what? Here I am, my heart is beating, my health is still quite good, my mind is rather sound, and new opportunities are always presenting themselves. I did create this difficult place, and most of that creation came out of bitterness, and feeling like all the external forces had more control than I did. It was when I saw all those tiny choices along the continuum that I realized how I got here. I owned up, and then I got some help so I could suck it up. Today, life is really moving.

Did you recognize accountability’s trick?


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