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For years I’ve been writing bits and bobs for my website. Prior to the internet I was an avid journal writer. Often times, my writing was very similar to the style of writing in my blog.

Often inspiration, more or less conversational, and yet, while it may seem I am talking at you, I’m in fact talking at me. Why else would I be questioning in the first place, to only have an insight or answer arise – fully or partially? It’s for me, and while it is for me, I recognize an old lesson taught in school.

If you have a question on your mind, it is likely that someone else in the room is wondering about the same question.

With that in mind, I found the courage to share my writing via the internet. Initially, I was posting them to my personal blog, a more private space that I could ponder on things with more vulnerability. You see, I’m no less ordinary or spectacular than you. Even with my coaching, insights, writing, and numerous abilities, I still have my foibles. This is why I do what I do.

In having a commitment toward personal growth, understanding, and fulfilment, I am impelled to query deeply of various life experiences. Within these contexts, a variety of insights, perspectives, maybe breakthroughs, and observations have been written and shared. I’ve posted these creations, once honed in the personal blog space, to my blogger page, which went through some terrible changes.

In addition, there were so many online communities going, often carrying themes of discussion relevant to my writing. Sharing and internet marketing concepts combined to encourage participation in more communities than was manageable. You live and learn.

Along the way, much changed with internet technology, RSS came online, Web 2.0 improved website code and structure, and all of it benefits distribution and ranking. If you’re in business this is a good thing, and if you’re just interested in getting the word out, you will benefit from adopting these changes.

It took a while to materialize, but adopt the changes I did. One Man Can is now Web 2.0 (I know it fails validation – it’s WordPress!?) and people can subscribe to the RSS Feed. How this is so beneficial is that all content is now easily added and maintained on my own domain offering all of these services. This carries the potential to reach wider audiences. But there is a catch!

In order for this to be effective, and any words I may have to share to reach wider audiences, this blog and these pages must be active pages. Change, new content, and surfing activity, including new web-links, all combine together to promote the website and reach the audiences I intend to impact positively. A commitment is made.

I will endeavour to post at least one new blog entry everyday related to the various subject matter that inspires my pen. I will make it a habit to bring my writing utensils with me on my journeys, seizing inspired moments to paper, and give you something enriching to read on a daily basis.


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