Black, not the colour, just the sound

Wish-listSometimes there is so much to say that the stories jumble into a colourful paint-splatter that is meaningless, though beautiful with vibrant life. Focus, focus, focus. This has been the theme for a time now, and in tandem I’m tackling many other areas of my life. Don’t you just hate the stop-go-wait-trip-go-stop cycle of making positive changes in your life? It’s exasperating at times!

It’s quite remarkable how many areas of life are impacted as a major transition is underway. Career, finances, people, friends, social activities, schedule, organization, communication, creativity, and maybe something else I missed. All of these areas are experiencing change simultaneously. For myself, I find the people are the anchors that offer a buffer from the battering winds.

Love is the thing: I’ve been on this kick for years. It’s kind of exasperating too, particularly when it creeps people out. But what are you gonna do? I’ve tried to run and hide from this thing that keeps urging it upon me. Why do any of us do some of the things we do? Isn’t there a sense of purpose behind your choices, actions, particularly with the big decisions? I really know this is true.

Recent experiences have aided in building great momentum – not so much an in my life thing, rather an in my being thing. Again, it is through the connection with people; the stuff (people) that really makes life worthwhile. These connections are what offer opportunities for challenge and growth, and the connections stir things up inside as I see the reflections from within myself. I’m challenged to confront the block and push through it rather than ignore it.

Love is it. That force that emanates from within, that creates the fire-in-the-belly, and the drive in our loins. It is purpose, and when it is clicking, I know my life is demanding nothing less than the best. And again, love is it. Relationship to myself saw remarkable changes and improvements as I regained my footing. This enabled others to come into my life to further support and challenge merely through their presence. We do attract what we need, when we’re ready and put it out there.

This journey isn’t over, it is just reaching toward the beginning. If you’re challenged by change, overcoming negative thinking, or going through any difficult transitions, I think you’ll find these continuing entries useful in their sharing. I’ve found the journey very rewarding, and re-learned that it does not come without effort, pain, or struggle. This is part of the journey from one state to another, as layers of an old-self are stripped away to allow room for the fullest growth of the new being emerging from within. Let’s grow!






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