Attachments Disappoint – Let’s Question, Talk, Share, Discuss, and Understand

There is something teasing at the edges of my mind. I’m going to do my best to express it.

Life is to be lived. Worry kills life. Love inspires life. Anger, it may be a disguise for love, but the only reason you site in anger is you fear going to where love wants you to go.

Attachments are deadly.

Being attached to people is sure to lead to disappointment.

Being attached to ideas is sure to witness a personal destruction.

Being attached to a vision is sure to lead to failure.

Attachment is irrelevant, you see? Attachment is the thing that you and I have been using all these years to measure and validate our own self-worth.

Did it matter? Does it matter? With everything attached before, did any of it help? Did it hurt worse when it left? How many of those attachments are still with you?  You gotta let go!

I had a friend.. maybe I still have this friend, at this point, I just don’t know.

Attached to intellect. Convinced it’s not ego, or shall I suggest ego has convinced that the mind is free from ego. Attachments though, are so easy to see. Projections… mine, his.. whose?

This is a free-flow conscious-thought/feeling mix. There are ideas to be teased, explored, shared, and to know more.

What could you add, express, challenge, or question? Let’s dialogue a bit.





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