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How it Happens | Homelessness Made Easy

slavery memorial Originally uploaded by Murky1 For all the complaints and accusations I hear about homelessness, drug addicts, alcoholics, and so forth, I’m surprised there are so few complaints about landlords, dealers, growers/manufacturers,  and all the various businesses; many of whom are legitimate businesses. As long as there is a market to sustain a livelihood off the decaying compost of humanity, there will be a place of meagre enough comfort that allows the vermin to […]

Eastside Culture Crawl Flickr Group Slideshow

My involvement in the Vancouver community, my interest in photography, and in writing, as well as the variety of creative arts inspired the creation of a Flickr Photo Group to further collect, remember, share, promote, protect, and encourage the longevity of the original intention behind the creation of the Eastside Culture Crawl in Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood in the Downtown Eastside area. Enjoy the show! I will soon have a full featured set of pages for […]