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What People Want

A question posed last evening brings a strong focus to where any of us would benefit putting our attention. The question simply asked, “What do people want?” This will be a good place to look and to give. As I had my attention upon this question, I began to realize that getting what we want comes through giving others what they want. Is this too far fetched? Have I watched too many inspirational videos? I […]

Fuelling the Global Warming

I cannot help myself. I’ve been laughing at the irony and wondering who else recognizes it? How long have we been clamouring for clean air and save the planet? This year we suddenly find ourselves clenching our teeth over the rising fuel prices. not me though, i got a little electric scooter 🙂 Have you noticed how many are clamouring for lower fuel prices? Here’s the irony: With the rising fuel prices there have been […]