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Learning – The Hard Way

the hard way Originally uploaded by Karmalize There are those of us in life who must learn things the hard way. “Hello, nice to meet you.” No matter the reason, my being senses and feels things beyond what my mind accepts. It raises questions for me. Often they are questions that raise my own eyebrow at my sanity. Yet, the question remains with me until I find a way to satisfy the need to know […]

Anger is Love Articulating Boundaries

A common human / spiritual / Life commonality, recognized in the spiritual/religious life, is to have respect for all life. Every day, the bad habits gained through life’s learning cause human beings to intentionally cross that line multiple times throughout a day. Someone who experiences this the violation of respect triggers anger, the negative manifestation of Love articulating boundaries. There is more to this, as this view identifies functioning at higher levels of awareness, and […]

Arrogance Doesn’t Become You

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I can come across as arrogant. In fact, sometimes I probably am acting arrogant. How else could I recognize what I’m about to write? Recently, I became involved with an organization building community. This transition didn’t come easily for me, having to overcome a number of personal challenges. We could likely agree that challenges are humbling experiences and great growth and learning periods. I’d also say the influence of the […]