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Healing the World through Political and Economic Renewal

Is this what is happening: A world healing through political and economic renewal? Defying all that went before and forging a new path. What will it honour? The way the world is takes a lot of fight out of too many people. As social beings we are created to work together, not fight and compete always. It’s tiring. Admit it. YOu have always known the cause of the illness, both mental and physical, and the […]

You Can’t Control Your Environment

Along the seeker path, a strong desire builds to experience peace as a continual state. A common error often occurs, whereby the initiate seeks to choose their environment, thus beginning to shut out perceived negative energies from their experience in order to create more peace in their life. I won’t say this is wrong, it is a step along a path. Along my own path, I was in the same place five years ago and […]

Don’t Be Silly | Be Silly | And Sexy

Great and tiring and crazy and tumultuous week that was one hell of a roller-coaster ride. In spite of the rough spots, it was a damn fine week. Trying to “fill a role” is tiring, and hard work. It’s much more fun just to let go and be yourself. I don’t know about you; me? I have a wild fun-streak in me that is dying to come alive more often. You know what triggers it? […]

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