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How Could It Be?

Yesterday I shared a significant insight from my own journey. It’s interesting to note that often a powerfully resistant question crops up almost immediately. “What do you mean?” It is a powerful disbelief because this realization places even more responsibility on my doorstep than I had otherwise felt real. This is where the sh1t has to get off the pot. I’m shaken to my core, fully recognizing and not wanting to look, that I simply […]

Conversations about God

I use the word “God” a lot more than the average person. By average, I don’t mean a Christian average either — nor any religious average. Even before my experience of church I used God more than many religious folk. This isn’t judgement, just a little perspective to diffuse the idea of perfectionism and judgement around this topic. Open the mind a little and realize there is more to it than we could ever know […]

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