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Teachers of Hope & Life Are Everywhere

Fortunate to visit an inspiring blog post today, the video is an incredible inspiration for anyone who is hitting a rough patch, and anyone who has a heart for humanity. I encourage you to first watch the video, then visit the blog-post and website to read more. I’m certain some of you might be inspired to lend a hand and information is there to show you how. Visit Teachers are Everywhere to find out more.

Don’t Stop Lovin’ | Hold on to Love & Life | Heal Together

From the Archives April 2006 Some stories can really spill the tears when witnessing the tragedy that occurs in people’s lives. Seeing the deep love between two people shoved into the pain until they can’t see or be with each other anymore is sad and understandable. A child dies, unable to be saved with any treatment, and the parents suffocate themselves in their deep sorrow. The arguments brought on by the pain of the experience […]

Eastside Witness | Poverty Drugs Trapdoor | Escape & Recovery | Hope

Sitting at Tinseltown Starbucks, a young-looking 35 year-old man approached asking a question. Well groomed and dressed, the mannerisms and speech seemed incongruent with the shell. Being curious, rather than avoiding, it was discovered that a long history of abuses crushed his spirit leading to drug and alcohol abuse. Having recently cleaned up, his ties and relationship to the Downtown Eastside, and particularly people he cared about, was creating an internal conflict of wanting to […]

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