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  • Tama Kieves | Tama’s Musings | Love Letter from Divine

    Tama J. Kieves is a kindred spirit in the world of coaching. I often enjoy reading her email newsletters and this one received today is one of those rare beauties that I’m delighted to share with my readers. Tama’s Musings reprinted with permission. (Note: This was supposed to go out on Valentine’s Day, but we…

  • Gates of Perspective

    How you look at things determines what you see. Difficult experiences cast a shadow upon the lens of the soul, as many express the limiting perspectives these experiences create. Recognizing and making choices to push beyond a limiting perspective yields enormous potential. The challenge I’m finding now is combining head and heart without burning out.

  • Random Conversations Today | Empowerment

    Lee says, “Our mind is the biggest obstacle to living our life to the fullest.” Life is just one crazy adventure. Control what fires up inside, respond positively, remain always “at choice” and you are truly free. You are not bound to anyone. Pick and choose, have fun, no apologies. Human being Human. Love. When…

  • Experience Joy

    Open up to Life  my heart, fear not your feelings of hurt and pain, they burnish the gild inside a false shell hiding the meat, your life! To be surrendered. “You belong to me ,” she said. Copyright ©  2007 Lee Down, all rights reserved

  • Arrogance Doesn’t Become You

    Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I can come across as arrogant. In fact, sometimes I probably am acting arrogant. How else could I recognize what I’m about to write? Recently, I became involved with an organization building community. This transition didn’t come easily for me, having to overcome a number of personal challenges. We could…