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Tao Te Ching: About The Way

The Way – cannot be told.
The Name – cannot be named.
The nameless is the Way of Heaven and Earth.
The way, of how life happens, cannot be told. The name, of that which makes life happens, cannot be named. This nameless is The Way of Heaven and Earth; in other words, it is everything imaginable and even then beyond!
The named is Matrix of the Myriad Creatures.
The named, that which we can see and experience, is in the Matrix of the Myriad of Creatures; all life and physical matter that comprises and supports life everywhere in every dimension.
Eliminate desire to find the Way.
Eliminate desire to find The Way, to feel and experience the gentle pull of directive power offered by the nameless. Eliminating desire is the way.
Embrace desire to know the Creature.
Embrace desire to know the Creature. All life, physical matter, and the source energy force of which it is part, desires to know the physical manifestation, that which breathes, eats, sleeps, and sexes.
The two are identical,
But differ in name as they arise.
The two are identical, The Way, and The Name, the mystical and the physical, one cromprised of the other, both experiencing the same, each uniquely aware, and arise in different name or form.
Identical they are called mysterious,
Mystery on mystery,
The gate of many secrets.
Identical as they are, they are called mysterious; a mystery on mystery, The Gate of many Secrets.
To explore and connect the one above as the one below, the experiential senses of thought and emotion, to that of the physical and Creature form, the Gate of many Secrets reveals itself, and the Self.
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