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Don’t Be Silly | Be Silly | And Sexy

Great and tiring and crazy and tumultuous week that was one hell of a roller-coaster ride. In spite of the rough spots, it was a damn fine week.

Trying to “fill a role” is tiring, and hard work. It’s much more fun just to let go and be yourself. I don’t know about you; me? I have a wild fun-streak in me that is dying to come alive more often. You know what triggers it? Flirting.

I acted upon the urge
to not filter the thought, the urge
and I’m writing this to you
to express the need to purge this urge
all up and inside of you

I don’t know if that was ever written before. I just wrote it a few minutes ago and emailed it to someone I was lucky enough to meet online recently and exchange a few words. It’s a different world today. (I’ll speak more on the Social Media phenomenon another time.)

Every woman I date expresses fear and caution about their personal safety when they are about their daily business. I always hear, “it’s easier for you” because I’m a guy. Maybe I do take it for granted, but something about it doesn’t make sense.

I was bullied and beaten, at home, at school, and at play, from Grade 7 till graduation. It left a mark. And yet, I feel safer when I walk anonymously through a city any time of day or night, even as a younger, more vulnerable teenager and man. It has always been the people, many women (girls) included. Who shall cast the first stone? I really get riled when anyone does, and chastise myself when I catch me doing it too.

We’re all just muddling through the challenges of our weeks, works, and wishes. We need to lighten up and enjoy Life more. Life is Love, Love covers a multitude of sins (apparently), and your self-Love demands Life that experiences more Joy.

How can I pour my heart out in sufficient understanding to express this deepest wish for all humanity? It is not about world-peace, it is about your peace. Bust loose and live, be silly, be yourself, and be sexy.

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  1. Great statement. “Is it not about world-peace. It’s about your peace.” More powerful than you can imagine. Or maybe you can 😉


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