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Evidence of Vancouver’s Lost Humanity

Vancouver’s downtown eastside bears witness to the dark-side of Vancouver’s personality. One would be quick to assume that dark-side to be those that litter the streets, however, after a decade of Vancouver life, observation, questions, and living here in general, I’m not so sure the downtown eastside is the problem. My gut is telling me that the dark-side is a flaw in the character of Vancouver’s societal and cultural norms.

I know that this ruffles feathers, to consider that “we” are at fault. Consider the simple fact that we’re talking about collateral human damage here. There are no accidents, laws of cause and effect are always at work, and one bad apple spoils the sauce. In Vancouver, I think we can be rather aloof, friendly and yet miles away, particularly in the eyes of an outsider. I’m not convinced it is as simple as that, but I do know that if we really care about one another more in our city, many of our problems would begin to evaporate.

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