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Healing the World through Political and Economic Renewal

Is this what is happening: A world healing through political and economic renewal? Defying all that went before and forging a new path. What will it honour?

The way the world is takes a lot of fight out of too many people. As social beings we are created to work together, not fight and compete always. It’s tiring. Admit it. YOu have always known the cause of the illness, both mental and physical, and the name is stress.

I am fascinated by the political and economic time that we currently live with so many in the world getting online. Barriers are coming down, people are demanding change, and an economic engine that has held so many hostage for so many decades is being overtaken one country at a time.

A large part of what is wanted is a better form of equality. Whoever said that one job held that much more value than antoher and should be rewarded as such? We all have a role. We all have preferences. And thank god for these differences and how we can support one another in our daily lives. We each add to a whole that makes it possible for us as individuals to realize our personal and professional dreams. We should value each other as equally as possible.

It appears by the written reports I have seen so far that Greece is heading more in a direction prone to driving more equality. Many people still think this is  the end for Greece. I  think this is a landmark situation that can prove to the world that there is a better way of life for everyone. We’ve already caught a glimpse of it in Iceland and I only just learned that Hungary has done something, too.

The whole  gambit here is not to cripple a country or people. It is to set them free by clipping the unfettered wings of the elite who have been hiding their wealth to avoid taxes. The whole point is to prevent the abuses that have happened and to provide better protective measures in a society, not just an economy.

I’m excited to see what happens and see this spread. God knows, it was always supposed to be this way. Show me where any belief system says one man is better than another in the grand scheme of things. All have value, and all have equal value in a world that wants peace and values life. No longer will we drive progress based upon profit alone. We will be able to make healthier decisions for our grandchildren and the environment, the business and the community.

The primary purpose of business has and always be to serve community. The time has returned.

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