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Daily Social Media Digest for June 1st

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RT @leedman RT @built4impact How about this for the bedroom ceiling? [#]
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RT @mohtaseb RT @sacredjourneys RT @leedman really good article – Making Life Happen [#]
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Re:Adversary Exploitation of Social Media [#]
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RT @SacredEarthPath Wellness Travel & Yoga Retreats [#]
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could be just me being blind or wishful thinker – be careful Twitterers of Attraction peeps using you for their gain manipulating language [#]
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RT @ApothecaryJeri @leedman LOL you are so kind and generous ….a dear and valued friend — Thanks Jeri, much appreciated. [#]
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Should TV Show Producers Control Characters Social-Media Voices? [#]
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I cannot believe that someone would be so petty as to delete my Fan Page on Facebook. I gave admin rights to a "friend" and this is thanks. [#]
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New Post – Daily Social Media Digest for May 31st [#]
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Your welcome 🙂 RT @haforhope @seventy5 @AllTalent @nursemom90 @ATR_JOBS @leedman Thank you for the RTs. Best,Ha [#]
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Influencer – could I change others thoughts, I’d be in less trouble 🙂 RT @wongrichard Great thought changer @leedman #followfriday Thanks. [#]
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Computer gamemakers eye social networks – San Francisco Chronicle [#]
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Can Social Media Help Your Company, Or Career? [#]
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LifeTips Book Publishing: Changing the Face of the Traditional … – PR Web (press release) [#]
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Real Estate Professionals engaged in promoting themselves, and … [#]
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Britains Got Talent 2009 – Final Results (HQ) [#]
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