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I use the word “God” a lot more than the average person. By average, I don’t mean a Christian average either — nor any religious average. Even before my experience of church I used God more than many religious folk. This isn’t judgement, just a little perspective to diffuse the idea of perfectionism and judgement around this topic. Open the mind a little and realize there is more to it than we could ever know scientifically or otherwise.

You see, God rocked the boat today.

I told a little funny story about how I became an ordained minister. Me! An ordained Minister!? I am so anti-religion and have spit God from my mouth, and done whatever I could to eliminate this struggle with needing to know and prove empirically that my observations, thoughts, and out-of-this-realm experiences had some substance. Unfortunately, that doesn’t describe Spirit, Quantum Theory, the Wind, Existence (nothingness – One – All), and so on. Yikes! And now, here I am an ordained minister which I can explain easier than God.

So my funny Facebook story (here if you can see it without signing in) stirred the pot and got a reaction and response from a friend. Nothing serious really, but when trying to be funny you illicit a contemplative response, you realize just how serious it all becomes. Duh! God = Terrorism since 9/11, and has been the source of much conflict (surf “God = Terrorism.”)

So, I wonder, does this really have anything to do with God? Highly unlikely. Blaming God avoids personal responsibility and accountability.


So, I responded to her with the following, and was quite surprised and enjoyed what came from my fingers into the keyboard. I share here too, not just Facebook.

Well, in part that story was to have a chuckle.

God? What about one living God?

I don’t mean the Christian God, the Muslim God, the Buddhist ‘Existence’, the native Creator, and so on. I mean all are One. 😉

Our problem is memory, language, culture, and experience. Humans often fail – me included – to connect all the dots, realizing that there are more similarities than differences. Difference is often nothing more than perspective based upon a personal experience shaped by the language, culture, education, and habits of a person at any given time, influenced by current social, political, and economic influences. It’s not truth. All those things I mentioned are filters that obscure the Truth. And the Truth, well… the Truth just IS.

Meaning here or not, humans extinct or not, LIFE GOES ON. Are we really so significant?

In my own mind… I’m sure. 🙂

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